Home is where, love begins and never ends

 Every time I go  back to India, I love the overwhelming feeling of  happiness and amount of warmth that home gives me. It’s as if how much ever far I go, at the end of the day I always want to return to home, to forget all my troubles and be with the people I love the most. In the same way, Ahmedabad, my hometown, it always welcomes me with its warm embrace, no matter how long it has been.

This time during term break , when I went back to home, I felt that the revived city of Ahmedabad is evolving exuberantly with time and at a fast pace. However,  I have always been curious to explore the old city of Ahmedabad- where it all began from. My keen nature lead me to visit the old city. I discovered, The soul of the old city remains timeless, many people who have traditional values,who are accustomed  to the old way of living are still residing in old pols of Ahmedabad which are urban narrow streets where group of people who share same beliefs reside together. The thing that intrigued me the most was that each one of these pols had their own temples, which was a shrine to them. This lead me thinking that, “What holds us together are our shrines, our beliefs and  our philosophy of living”, this is, indeed what makes a home, a beautiful and a sacred place. These streets are best to explore on foot as they are narrow and that way one can look around and observe the way of living. I did too! 

An old soul in the old city

The old city is known for its wealth in architecture, textile houses, museums  and century- old mosques. As I walked through, the narrow street, it was a bustling street scene, mouth watering food stalls were lined up; I would call it a maze market, where people literally had to find their way out. But the best part of the after maze, when you finally discover something unexpected, after all it makes the maze worth it. The crowded way brought me to the one of the beautiful mosques of India, which is The Jama Masjid.

Spiritual moment at Jama Masjid

 As I stepped inside the mosque, the musty smell of ancient walls enveloped me in. I could hear the islamic “Adhan” was played from the Minaret’s loudspeaker at the mosque. This is an announcement for the prayer time for Muslims by Muezzin ( who calls for prayers). In that serene moment, the sun reflected through the Jali ( Lattice screen) forming a prism of yellow amber color on my face ; It was truly a spiritual moment.I believe that one can find their spiritual moment, when you feel as if the universe has started understanding your language, and in that moment everything feels right. And that my friend, is the positive force, a language, that means nothing can stop you to achieve your vision. 



  1. Rajesh Patel Reply

    Really nice blog. Your words have explained so many things about old town, culture, religion, food, friendlyness. In fact, old town known as small society and poles could be small family. There is vast distance and difference in both the town but our roots always attract to our own family culture (old town culture).

    If you have an experience of old town culture of Singapore, please share..

    Keep writing…

  2. “What holds us together are our shrines, our beliefs and our philosophy of living” that’s something nice to read. keep up the good writing KS.


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