Who doesn’t love summer? We all know that summer comes with great bursts of spontaneity. A trip to the beach can be the best way to forget our troubles and discover new shores. Thailand, a place with its fascinating culture, people and shining temples. Did I mention the breathtaking white sand beaches, amazing cultural shows, the adventures and the water sports? A few days back, I went to the two main tourist destinations in Thailand- Krabi & Phuket. I came to a conclusion that these two places are too different from each other. Phuket is much more of a tourist hub and is known for water adventure sports and its cultural shows. For those who like to get away from the ordinary busy life, and seek spirituality in a rejuvenating atmosphere within its tropical jungles and limestones, Krabi is the place for you!

What made my trip, a memorable one:

1.  COCONUT WATER BY THE SEASHORE- Sipping natural Thai coconut water by the beach is one of the pleasant experiences that I had in Thailand. Coconut water keeps one away from dehydration in the humid weather of Thailand.

2.   SHOPPING AT AO NANG BEACH- I loved strolling around the colorful street market here, which welcomed me with its chill vibe and warm smiles of the people.  If you really want to experience what the local culture of Thailand, then a street would be one of the perfect places for you!  You’ll find local products here ranging from clothes to boho accessories. And yes, you can also bargain! There are all types of foods from Thai to Indian available here too.

3. ISLAND HOPPING- This was one of the BEST parts of the trip.  I just loved exploring a different range of Islands. And by the looks of it, I can say Thailand is a land of Islands! The islands here are famous for its recreational purposes, relaxation and plunging into new adventures. Phuket is well known for the base for all its Island trips, however, you can visit the same Islands through Krabi as well because Phuket and Krabi are only separated by the distinguished Phang Nga Bay. While I was in Krabi, I took one of the famous 4 Island trips (half day trip)  through a speed boat which included Phranang cave at Railay Beach ( One of the famous beaches in Krabi), Tup Island, Poda Island, Mor Island and Koh Gai (Chicken Island). I was fascinated by the individual beauty of each Island and different forms of limestones.  The islands were beautiful with clear white sand and lush greenery all around me. Those who were interested in snorkeling also got down in the clear water. While I was in Phuket, I took an Island trip to a famous tourist spot, an Island which was named after the featured 1974 James Bond movie “The man with a golden gun”. The world renowned  James Bond Island is especially known for its dramatic limestones set between the tropical forest and turquoise water.  We took a small boat to reach this Island from our ferry.

Discovering new shores at Koh Gai
Railay Beach
Poda Island
James Bond Island

4.  CHILLING BY THE POOL- I stayed at Amari Vogue, Krabi which is located beside the peaceful blue Andaman sea, in the most ultimate beach front setting at Tubkaek Beach, Chilling by the pool was refreshing and the ocean view through tropical paradise slowed down the pace of the time.

5. SUNSET EXPERIENCE AT TUBKAEK BEACH – I loved the feeling of freedom, which I experienced when I was sitting on one the rocks in this ultimate sunset experience at Tubkaek Beach in Krabi, I could feel the tides of the ocean stroking in between of my toes. The sound of waves, crashing on the rocks, helped me to let go of all thoughts and allowed me to appreciate the present.

6. COFFEE BY THE TUBKAEK  BEACH- A perfect beach escape comes with a coffee. There’s nothing like wearing an oversized T-shirt, listening to chic music and sipping on a cappuccino.

7. DINNER BY THE BEACH- What a delightful night it was, just to listen to waves of the ocean and have a delicious dinner with drinks at the open bar restaurant at Amari.

8. DESERT ON MY MIND- What on earth can be more magical than having a dessert with a loved one with a live music band in the backdrop?

9. THE SWING – Swings brings joy to all the ages! There are many swings and hammocks in islands around here. The swing below is located in the area of beautiful paradise Tubkaek Beach, This was my favorite place to go in the early mornings and evenings and reflect on myself.

10. PAMPERING MYSELF WITH SPA- A beach vacation also comes with a pursuit of self-rejuvenating, pampering oneself with luxury and relaxation of a spa.

Source: Breeze Spa at Amari Vogue, Krabi

11. CANOE ADVENTURE-  On our way to James Bond Island, we also got the opportunity for canoeing. This was an unforgettable adventure under the mysterious unseen world of caves and stalactites. 

12. PHUKET FANTASEA – Phuket Fantasea is a cultural theme park, which opens in evening till late night. It is known for its amazing fantasy show which shows the culture, music, magic, and dance put up by theater artists. I could not believe my eyes when I saw an elephant flying!

13. SIMON CABARET PHUKET– An exclusive Ladyboy show. I was really convinced by their makeup and dance.  Also, the high-tech sets, lights and oh boy did I mention their extravagant costumes?

14. EXPLORING THE ISLAND JUNGLE- A wise poet Henry David Thoreau said “Sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from any worldly engagements”. It’s true, that a daily dose of wildness can help maintain health and keep up with high spirits.

Hope, this summer brings you with unforgettable adventures and cherished moments with Family&Friends.



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